Alexandra Cousteau Keynotes Groundwater Innovation Conference

Alexandra Cousteau - Keynote Speaker for GroundSwell: Groundwater Innovation Conference at the University of Guelph

Shared Value Solutions Ltd. is excited to announce that Alexandra Cousteau will be the keynote speaker at GroundSwell: Conference on Groundwater Innovation, June 16-18, 2014 at the University of Guelph.

Cousteau is a National Geographic Explorer, RBC Blue Water Ambassador, filmmaker, founder of water conservation group Blue Legacy, serves on the Leadership Council for the Water Keepers Alliance, and is the granddaughter of ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau. Cousteau empowers and inspires people to explore their connection with their watersheds - preserving natural water systems while taking into account the numerous demands, threats, and developments within a watershed.

“We love what we know, and we protect what we love. So the most important thing to do is help people be in touch with whatever water body defines and shapes the land that they live on.” –Alexandra Cousteau, Canadian Geographic interview, December 2013

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More on the conference:

GroundSwell: Conference on Groundwater Innovation will run from June 16-18, 2014 at the University of Guelph. The main goal of the conference is to encourage learning, collaboration, and the identification of new shared value opportunities for groundwater innovation across sectors.

Dialogue at the Groundwater Innovation Conference will focus on three main themes:

1. Social innovations – including ways that people have been innovative in cross-community collaboration for water management, policies, and regulations, and lessons from First Nation, Metis, and rural communities
2. Technological innovations – showcasing innovative technology and processes both large and small
3. Ecosystem Resilience Innovation– an examination of water system interactions and reactions, as well as current thinking and practice in climate change adaptation, and managing contaminant threats

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