$1.2 Billion P3 Canada Fund Available for First Nation Infrastructure

Posted by Don Richardson

on Feb 28, 2015 9:55:00 AM


Got Ideas? $1.2 Billion P3 Canada Fund Available for First Nation Infrastructure

First Nation governments have challenges accessing capital for First Nation infrastructure and economic development projects, such as First Nation power projects, because reserve lands cannot normally be offered for security.  One option available to First Nation governments is the P3 Canada Fund.  The $1.2 Billion, P3 Canada Fund was created to improve the delivery of public infrastructure by increasing the effective use of public-private partnerships (P3s).  


P3 Canada First Nations projects:

A new way forward for Aboriginal and industry partnerships.

The first P3 Canada Fund project with a First Nation is the Kokish River Hydroelectric Project - a public-private partnership between 'Namgis First Nation and Brookfield Renewable Energy (Brookfield).  The hydroelectric facility is located on north-eastern Vancouver Island, about 15 kilometres east of Port McNeill, British Columbia.  The First Nation includes more than 1,700 members, living primarily in Alert Bay on Cormorant Island, BC. The ‘Namgis First Nation territory is located on northern Vancouver Island and the adjacent islands, centered in the Nimpkish Valley and associated watersheds.

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Topics: Traditional Knowledge in Environmental Assessments, Aboriginal and Industry Partnerships, Aboriginal Land and Water Stewards

The Mining Company of the Future: 5 Canadian Drivers

Posted by Don Richardson

on Feb 22, 2015 3:11:00 PM


the shape and direction of the conversation has been fundamentally shifted.  


  • Communities seeking to initiate mining projects because of the prosperity they bring
  • Mining towns becoming diverse economic centers with sustainable connected regions
  • Government, NGO, indigenous and religious leaders working with miners in harmony
  • The mining industry attracting the best talent
  • Innovation in mining that includes collaborative and co-innovation processes, as well as sustainable technical advances
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Topics: Mining, Aboriginal and Industry Partnerships

B-reakthrough for Net Zero Economy: BCorps + The B Team

Posted by Don Richardson

on Feb 1, 2015 2:22:00 PM

#BtheChange at Shared Value Solutions - our BCorp team members on a break from strategic environmental assessment and Aboriginal traditional knowledge study work - investigating community, environmental and climate change impacts in connection with a northern Ontario gold mining project.  L to R: Nichole Fraser-MacDonald, M.Sc., Kathleen "Kat" Ryan, M.Sc., Trieneke Gastmeier, M.A., Frances Dietrich O'Connor, M.Sc. Emily Ferguson, B.A.


B Corporation and The B Team = B-reakthrough for Net Zero Economy

Are you a B Corp like us, or a business that sees the value of working towards a net zero economy?
We challenge you to learn more about the B Team and join in this inspiring mission.


The "B-reakthrough"

On January 19, 2015, in Davos at the World Economic Forum, BCorporation joined the B Team, creating a new partnership that will encourage all B Team members to measure what matters and link B Corps to the remarkable Plan B movement that uses business as a force for good. (What Does a B Corp Look Like?)

The media release: "The B Team was founded in 2012 by Sir Richard Branson and Jochan Zeitz with the hope of bringing together global business leaders to change “business as usual.” Much like B Lab and B Corporations, the founders and members of the B Team see opportunities for businesses to change the world for the better—opportunities that most businesses are missing, or don’t know how to take advantage of. We also share the belief that not only can businesses join non-profits and governments in the work of creating a better world, but that they must if we are to see success."

A key driver for Plan B is to bring about a thriving, net-zero carbon, restorative economy.  Plan B gets businesses to reduce their environmental impacts and invest in new business models that help regenerate the environment. 

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