B-reakthrough for Net Zero Economy: BCorps + The B Team

#BtheChange - Shared Value Solutions - Ontario B Corp team members at work on strategic environmental assessment and traditional ecological knowledge studies

#BtheChange at Shared Value Solutions - our BCorp team members on a break from strategic environmental assessment and Aboriginal traditional knowledge study work - investigating community, environmental and climate change impacts in connection with a northern Ontario gold mining project.  L to R: Nichole Fraser-MacDonald, M.Sc., Kathleen "Kat" Ryan, M.Sc., Trieneke Gastmeier, M.A., Frances Dietrich O'Connor, M.Sc. Emily Ferguson, B.A.


B Corporation and The B Team = B-reakthrough for Net Zero Economy

Are you a B Corp like us, or a business that sees the value of working towards a net zero economy?
We challenge you to learn more about the B Team and join in this inspiring mission.


The "B-reakthrough"

On January 19, 2015, in Davos at the World Economic Forum, BCorporation joined the B Team, creating a new partnership that will encourage all B Team members to measure what matters and link B Corps to the remarkable Plan B movement that uses business as a force for good. (What Does a B Corp Look Like?)

The media release: "The B Team was founded in 2012 by Sir Richard Branson and Jochan Zeitz with the hope of bringing together global business leaders to change “business as usual.” Much like B Lab and B Corporations, the founders and members of the B Team see opportunities for businesses to change the world for the better—opportunities that most businesses are missing, or don’t know how to take advantage of. We also share the belief that not only can businesses join non-profits and governments in the work of creating a better world, but that they must if we are to see success."

A key driver for Plan B is to bring about a thriving, net-zero carbon, restorative economy.  Plan B gets businesses to reduce their environmental impacts and invest in new business models that help regenerate the environment. 



2015: Big Year for the Net Zero Economy

Both in our home base of Ontario and globally, 2015 is a key year for advancing climate policy and bolstering the transition toward a low carbon economy.

In December 2015, COP21 - the United Nations Climate Change Conference - will be held in Paris, France.  Leading up to COP21, Ontario is hosting the Climate Summit of the Americas in July. Held at the same time as the Pan American Economic Summit in Toronto, the climate summit will bring together government, industry and environmental leaders recognized for their efforts to fight climate change and raise awareness of its risks and opportunities.

Both B Corps and the B Team understand that taking bold climate action makes good business sense.  There is huge momentum in 2015 for B Corps and B Team businesses to seize opportunities to act on climate change and bring benefits to our customers, our communities, and our bottom-line business performance.


We Can "B-the-Change"

At Shared Value Solutions, in 2015, as part of our B Corp commitment, we are taking action within our own company to reduce our emissions and environmental impact. This includes reducing our own business footprint and reaching out to our "client-community ecosystem" to drive further reductions in emissions and environmental impacts.  

Here are five of our 2015 actions:

1. Working with First Nations on Community Energy Plans that include opportunities for clean energy production and significant emission reduction
2. Greenhouse Gas Reduction: Working with business partners like the Walker Environmental Group to accelerate new carbon offset initiatives, bring on new sources of renewable natural gas (biomethane) and innovate technical and business approaches to reduce methane - a particularly potent greenhouse gas
3. Aboriginal Communities & Climate Change: Building an alliance of interested businesses and First Nation, Inuit and Métis communities to further joint action and knowledge sharing on climate change action, climate change adaptation and Ontario climate policy
4. New B Corp Venture: Working with indigenous community partners to create the world's first indigenously owned B Corp that will have a strong focus on climate action and renewable energy
5. Further reducing our greenhouse gas emission footprint through analysis, business changes and technical actions

The BCorps and the B Team partnership is the beginning of a B-eautiful friendship. We look forward to working with partners across both global movements to #BtheChange.

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Sir Richard Branson #snowmanselfie at World Economic Summit, 2015

At the World Economic Summit, 2015 - Virgin founder and B Team Leader Sir Richard Branson, left, United Nations Special Adviser on Post-2015 Development Planning Amina Mohammed, and Coldplay singer Chris Martin for a #snowmanselfie for action on poverty, inequality and climate change


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