Eagle Eye: $1.6 million available for 2016-2017 - Lands and Economic Development Services Program


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The last funding application period for Indigenous communities in Ontario to apply for the Lands and Economic Development Services Program (LEDSP) is here!

Funding applications are being accepted from October 3RD to October 31st.


Lands and Economic Development Services Program

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada


Deadline: October 31st, 2016


What is the Lands and Economic Development Services Program?

The Lands and Economic Development Services Program (LEDSP) helps Indigenous communities build and manage a solid land base for economic development activities.


There are two LEDSP streams totaling $1.6 million for the Ontario 2016-2017 regional budget:

  • CORE – formula-based core funding; and
  • TARGETED – proposal based funding for initiatives


Eligible Applicants

  • First Nation communities and their governments, including Tribal Councils
  • Other persons performing delegated land management functions under Sections 53 and/or 60 of the Indian Act on behalf of First Nations
  • Organizations and associations controlled by Aboriginal people except for those with charitable or religious purposes
  • Non-Aboriginal organizations and associations, except for those with charitable or religious purposes


What type of projects are eligible?

  • Initiatives that enhance environmental planning, awareness and support efforts towards pollution prevention in communities
  • Initiatives that support environmental management best practices with land and community assets
  • Initiatives to improve environmental regulatory compliance


Examples of Previous LEDSP-supported Projects:

  • Northern Ontario First Nations Environment Conference
  • Recycling program promotion & implementation
  • Waste management program
  • Landfill operator training course
  • Removal of waste oil from four remote communities via winter road for disposal at licensed facility
  • Workshops on fuel contamination and proper remediation procedure
  • Development of guidance manual on small fuel tank systems
  • De-pollution & removal of derelict vehicles from community via winter road


Priorities for funding 2016-17 projects include:

  • Projects related to planning: land use plans, comprehensive community plans, waste management plans, recycling implementation plans, economic development plans.
  • Projects linked to an economic activity.
  • Projects with maximized leveraging from other sources.
  • Applicants who have not previously accessed LEDSP/CORP funding before.
  • Environmental / land management / economic development.
  • Geographic distribution of resources across Ontario.


How We Can Help

Given the short time period to develop and submit applications for LEDSP we're reaching out to alert our clients - Indigenous nations and organizations working with Indigenous nations – about this funding opportunity to support lands and economic development related projects and capacity initiatives .  If you are not already a client, but are interested in developing an application, Shared Value Solutions can:

  • Assist your community with understanding how this fund could best benefit your community
  • Provide assistance with the application process
  • If appropriate, assist with the implementation of the project
  • We work with Indigenous nations across Canada, and regularly support clients in successfully applying for funding opportunities that help protect environmental integrity and support community economic development objectives.

If your community is interested in this fund and wants assistance please contact Frances Dietrich-O’Connor or Rachel Speiran: 226-706-8888 or info@sharedvaluesolutions.com



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