Environment & Natural Resource Management

We understand your environmental approval and natural resources management challenges. We’re a small firm with big networks. From our extensive list of partners and associates, we bring the best engineering, design, environment, architecture and other technical discipline expertise to address your challenges and opportunities.
  • Collaborative land and resource use planning and management- process design and delivery
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge Studies
  • Traditional Land Use Studies (TLUS)/Land-Use and Occupancy Mapping
  • Participatory mapping of environment/natural resource values and knowledge
  • Design & delivery of adult education programs – environment, resource development, planning
  • Design and delivery of programs promoting/supporting positive behaviour change- environmental stewardship, community-based social marketing, health/environmental health promotion
  • Contributing human environment considerations to technical assessments and management plans in sectors such as water resources, remediation, land use, mining, oil & gas, linear corridor development, forestry, renewable energy, nuclear waste, contaminated sites, brownfield redevelopment, watershed planning, drought planning, water use planning, waste management and waste diversion

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