We talked CEAA, the Mining Act, Traditional Knowledge and… Hair-dos?!

5 of SVS's most interesting blogs of the year

As we quickly approach one-year of business and blogging at Shared Value Solutions, it seems like a good time to do some reflecting. Below are 5 of our favorite blogs from the past year, including our recommendation of the best audience for each. Thanks for reading and sharing with us.


1. For those who love environmental legislation (or a fashionable hair-do):

Some Highlights (or Lowlights) of Recent Changes to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act – this one is a favourite mostly because SVS partner, Scott Mackay, makes reference to hair dying in the title. Seriously though, this blog acts as a great quick and dirty reference guide of the CEAA changes from last year.


2. For those who wonder if “honest politician” is an oxymoron:

Generate Trust Through Small Incremental Actions – this article touches on lessons learned by SVS’s Don Richardson from then City of Toronto Councillor, later Mayor, David Miller, including his basic rule for community engagement: “If you say you are going to do something, do it and report back that you have done what you said you would do”.


3. For those interested in a) the Mining Act or b) the benefits of gathering and mapping Traditional Knowledge:

Get Upstream to Protect Culturally Significant Areas Through the New Mining Act Changes to Ontario’s Mining Act this year mean that Aboriginal communities now have the potential to get ahead of the staking and exploration permitting process to identify “no go” areas. We look at how. [BONUS: This blog has a companion piece, “Follow the Money, Follow e3 Plus: Ontario’s New Mining Act and Aboriginal Consultation“.]


4. For the kid in you:

Kindergarten Supplies and Project Management” – from fruit scented markers, to sticky stuff for the walls, we share the contents of our standard brainstorming gear box and pass on 7 facilitation rules of thumb (with reference to Lyndsey Swinton’s blog). We’d love you to comment about your favourite and most interesting engagement techniques as well.


5. For those who want to Create Shared Value

Let’s Get Real: 7 Critical Steps for Creating a Shared Value Strategy” – wondering where to start in creating shared value? this article breaks down the steps to creating a shared value strategy: 1) Pick an Issue, 2) Identify Business Activities, 3) Plan Your Resources, 4) Identify Desired Outcomes, 5) Implement the CSV Strategy, 6) Monitor and Measure Shared Value, and 7) Continue to Adjust the CSV Strategy as Needed (with reference to Michael Porter, et al).

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