Win an Early Bird Prize for Signing Up for GroundSwell: Conference on Groundwater Innovation

Sign up for the GroundSwell conference before January 31, 2014 and receive a chance to win this book!

GroundSwell: Conference on Groundwater Innovation, June 16th-18th, 2014, University of Guelph

From June 16th-18th, 2014, groundwater experts, users & protectors, water technology innovators, watershed stewards and community leaders will come together at the University of Guelph to encourage learning, collaboration, and identification of new opportunities for groundwater innovation across sectors.

The aim of the GroundSwell conference is to create shared value for groundwater communities, researchers and technical innovators. Participants will include groundwater experts, accomplished scientists, researchers, practitioners, private sector suppliers, policy-makers from all levels of government and representatives from indigenous and rural communities.

Participants who sign-up before January 31, 2014 receive a chance to win a copy of:

Groundwater for the 21st Century: A Primer for Citizens of Planet Earth, by John A. Conners (2013)

The book Groundwater for the 21st Century is an effort to increase the groundwater literacy – from local to global scales, among laymen, students, and professionals – of citizens of planet Earth. Groundwater for the 21st Century provides two very important perspectives on the resource —

(a) a thorough yet accessible introduction to basic groundwater science and

(b) a current, concise but comprehensive overview of groundwater resources and their importance, uses, status, management, and prospects in today’s world.

This book is especially relevant to conference participants - it is the most comprehensive overview available combining groundwater science and groundwater use by humans, and it has been organized and written specifically for use by a wide range of readers of all ages, places, interests, and nationalities who might wish or need to be informed and literate about freshwater issues. The health, food, financial security, and habitability of homes and communities – the lives – of billions of human beings depends upon the availability of sufficient amounts of fresh water. This book provides much material with which to inform readers about the nature of water, its distribution, and its uses and abuses by humans. From this, readers will be better prepared to evaluate their own actions and those of their neighbors, communities, and the hierarchy of decision makers that lead, guide, influence, and otherwise shape the present and future world.




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