A scan of best practices for Aboriginal participation in the environmental monitoring or environmental management of mining

One of our clients, Taykwa Tagamou Nation, provided us with permission to share an abridged version of some exciting work they asked us to do in relation to their ongoing consultation process with Detour Gold about the proposed Detour Lake Gold Mine. We conducted a scan of a dozen or so positive cases of mining or other resource development projects from northern Canada and Alaska where Aboriginal communities are, or were, participating in the environmental monitoring or environmental management of the project. We then arranged this information relative to the International Association for Public Participation’s (IAP2’s) Spectrum of Public Participation as a means of evaluating where different practices fell along the spectrum of “meaningful participation”. This information assisted our client and Detour Gold with understanding the emerging best practices in the industry, and what kinds of options there may be for negotiating meaningful participation in the mine operations and reclamation/post-reclamation phases. To read our report, please follow the link below:


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