Aboriginal and Industry Partnerships - Investors Speak Loudly!

Investors are speaking up - loudly - on the need for meaningful First Nation partnerships in Canada

Investors are speaking up - loudly - on the need for meaningful First Nation, Inuit and Métis partnerships in Canada


This quote from the Globe and Mail speaks loudly:

“Address us with an opportunity.  The global investor would like to be approached with a joint venture [involving industry and Aboriginal communities]... You have to be world leaders [on social engagement]”

- Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott US Holdings


Now it's time to act.  Firms like Shared Value Solutions Ltd. are busy executing innovative and mutually beneficial Aboriginal and industry partnerships across sectors.  But some companies, and some sectors, like the mining sector, has been slow to respond to the opportunities.   

Some companies have a great deal of trouble recognizing the nature of Aboriginal nation-to-nation and government-to-government relationships that are the foundation of Aboriginal rights in Canada.  Some companies have difficulty understanding Aboriginal goals for stewardship and creating beneficial and sustainable development and use of traditional lands and resources.  But we are also seeing some companies really step up and break new ground with creative, innovative and practical business ventures.   


Canada's resource industies need to listen closely to investors.  Those investors will park their money anywhere on the globe where project risks are well managed.  Canada's economy is dependent on those investors deciding to park their money in Canada.


In Canada, this means transcending the old approach of going through the motions on Mickey-Mouse "consultation" processes, hired Aboriginal community "handlers", and vacuous "open houses."  It means transcending adversarial approaches that end up in courts.  Enough already! 


We are seeing a variety of joint ventures and new business arrangements, ranging from straight equity participation and royalty agreements to provision of Aboriginal environmental services, emergency management services, joint climate change action initiatives, joint venture construction and operations management businesses, win-win water and water treatment system ventures, and collaborative planning and "value engineering" to align project infrastructure with Aboriginal community infrastructure needs.


For the sake of Canada's economy and for the sake of Aboriginal community wellbeing and Aboriginal economic development, those of us with influence in the business and investment world need to pull our heads out of the sand - oilsands and otherwise - and get to work!


It's time to pull our heads out of the sand - oilsands and otherwise - and get to work!

In Canada, we need real business partnerships with Aboriginal communities.  We need long-term Aboriginal and industry relationships involving approaches to projects and operations that include equity partnerships, revenue sharing and joint-venture businesses.  Canada's future depends on these partnerships.   At Shared Value Solutions, we look forward to continuing to work with innovative Aboriginal and busines leaders to help create that future.


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