Anwaatin "We are #StewardshipWarriors" #IndigenousOffsets Infographic



Our Indigenous partner firm, Anwaatin, is busy with innovative climate action.  Anwaatin's new Infographic tells the story of Stewardship Warriors who support the purchase of Indigenous Offsets, and how the sale of carbon offsets funds Anwaatin's work in Indigenous communities fighting climate change. 


 Anwaatin Infographic: We are #StewardshipWarriors! #IndigenousOffsets

Climate change is a big problem.  YOU can do your part to support businesses and conferences that purchase #IndigenousOffsets to support wealth creation and #climateaction in Indigenous communities.  Become a #StewardshipWarrior!  

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The sale of Indigenous Offsets funds Anwaatin's innovative work in Indigenous communities.  This includes technical support for Indigenous energy projects, advocacy and regulatory interventions for Indigenous territorial rights and stewardship practices, and financial support to Indigenous stewards.  Anwaatin continues to advocate for Canada to create an Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Change Centre of Excellence.  

“Two pathways – fighting climate change and revitalizing treaty relationships – are now coming together. And that’s a good thing for everybody.  When you’re battling climate change, you need warriors.  We are those warriors. Our weapons are not guns. We’re armed with wisdom and love for the natural world. We are #StewardshipWarriors."

Are you an Indigenous land trust, are you working with Indigenous youth to connect them to the land or are you bringing the technological solutions to climate change to Indigenous communities?

Anwaatin is offering a funding program from the sales of our Indigenous Carbon Offsets.  Apply if you think your organization is the best partner for this funding opportunity.  Register today and Anwaatin will consider your Indigenous stewardship organization for funding:


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