Canada launches new $325M Atlantic Fisheries Fund


At the beginning of March, the Federal Government announced it is investing $325M in the new Atlantic Fisheries Fund to stimulate innovation in the fish and seafood sector with a focus on growing opportunities and increasing their value to meet market demands for sustainably sourced, high-quality fish and seafood products.


Principles and Objectives

The Atlantic Fisheries Fund’s main objective is to foster innovative ways to harvest, process and deliver high quality and sustainably sourced fish and seafood products from Canada’s wild capture and aquaculture fisheries.


The fund is guided by three principles:

1) Partnerships: between the Government of Canada, the Provinces and Territories, industry, labour organizations and Indigenous communities to identify and support potential projects and activities

2) Innovation: strategic investments to improve quality, marketability and sustainability; and

3) Knowledge sharing: enhancing collaboration to improve scientific knowledge of the marine environment and the impacts of changing ocean conditions on fish species, stocks, communities and fishers which contribute to the long term sustainable management of our fisheries.


Focus areas

Three main areas of interest will be explored through the Atlantic Fisheries Fund:

1) Innovative processes and technologies

2) Infrastructure that could improve fish and seafood product quality and sustainability

3) Enhancing partnerships to better understand scientific knowledge of the North Atlantic marine environment and the related changing oceanic conditions.


A portion of the fund will also be available to increase the capacity of the Canadian fish and seafood sector to develop existing markets and enter new markets.

The Fund is part of Canada’s Atlantic Growth Strategy, a collaborative initiative announced a year ago, to stimulate the Atlantic region’s economy, support both innovative and traditional industries, and increase employment for Atlantic Canadians by focusing on pan-Atlantic regional opportunities.

The Government of Canada and the Atlantic Provinces will collaboratively develop parameters of the Atlantic Fisheries Fund. Engagement with Indigenous communities and stakeholders will contribute to shaping the program, developing partnerships and priority areas for investments in Canada.


Further details on the Atlantic Fisheries Fund will be provided in the coming months. Let us know if your community is interested in finding out more, and getting involved in the process.  We are heavily involved working with Indigenous Fisheries in Atlantic Canada.


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