Eagle Eye Digest: $20 million Indigenous nation building fund, Indigenous environmental assessments, and more

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Read on for updates on Indigenous funding programs, precedent setting impact benefit and resource management agreements, and stories of prosperity, jurisdiction and stewardship in action.


Indigenous Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction: Government of Canada provides $20 million of funding for Indigenous nation building

A new federal funding program is designed to  support the rebuilding efforts of Indigenous nations through the provision of contribution funding aimed at developing capacity. Eligible activities include community engagement, traditional knowledge and oral history projects, workshops, and constitution development. The deadline for submitting proposals this year is September 21, 2018.


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Jurisdiction: How Indigenous-led environmental assessments could ease resource development gridlock

A new concept is emerging in the world of environmental decision-making: that it’s not enough for governments to loop Indigenous groups into their environmental assessments, and that instead Indigenous peoples should be able to conduct their own processes that run parallel to the non-Indigenous-led assessments. The Federal court’s rejection of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion shows Indigenous-led environmental assessments are not only an essential step toward reconciliation, but necessary for industry.


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Jurisdiction: Collaborative nation to nation decision-making is the way forward

If the federal government wants the Trans Mountain project to see the light of day, after the Federal Court of Appeal halted the pipeline, it must rebuild bridges with the Indigenous nations most affected. It must give them a real say in a revamped and more comprehensive impact assessment process. The government must therefore go back to the drawing board, but how?


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Indigenous Stewardship

Stewardship: NWT First Nations team up to protect 'breadbasket' of Dehcho region

Elders refer to it as the "breadbasket" of the Dehcho, now it's about to become an area co-managed by Dehcho First Nations and the federal government. It took two decades of work, and even the threat of a lawsuit in 2010 to protect Edehzhie, which is more than 14,249 square kilometres of boreal forest and wetlands located in Dehcho territory, an area twice the size of Banff National Park.


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Stewardship: Natural gas deal fuels salmon restoration in First Nation waters

A financial deal between the Huu-ay-aht First Nations and a natural gas exporter is allowing a decades-old salmon renewal plan to go ahead, according to Chief Coun. Robert J. Dennis Sr. The Sarita and Pachena Watershed Renewal project aims to restore depleted salmon spawning areas and juvenile salmon habitats in key waterways on Huu-ay-aht Nations' territory on the west coast of Vancouver Island.


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Stewardship: Waswanipi Cree hold protest, ramping up pressure to protect untouched Quebec forest

Tallymen - or Cree land stewards - from the James Bay community of Waswanipi are vowing to keep up pressure on the Quebec government to protect a vital piece of virgin forest near their community. "We demand the protection of the Broadback Forest. We have been asking the Quebec government for 15 years, the government has not honoured its commitments to negotiate with us."


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