Eagle Eye Digest: Watershed rights, oil sands jurisdiction and climate change funding


Read on for updates on Indigenous funding programs, precedent setting impact benefit agreements and stories of prosperity, jurisdiction and stewardship in action.


Innovative Impact Benefit Agreements

Prosperity: Contracting agreement signed in Thunder Bay for East-West Tie Transmission Line

The impact benefit agreement, which has been in the works since 2013, will result in upwards of 600 to 1000 jobs for the six First Nations involved who hold a 20 per cent ownership in the $777 million project. 

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Indigenous Jurisdiction and Stewardship

Jurisdiction: Fort McKay First Nation opposes oilsands project in 'cultural heartland'

An Alberta First Nation said it will oppose Prosper Petroleum's Rigel oilsands project unless the province offers assurances it will honor the First Nation's jurisdiction of it's homeland and reduce the project's water use, safeguard wildlife and limit its proximity to the Moose Lake reserve area. The community has been calling for new standards of environmental management for years.

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Jursidiction: Northwestern Ontario First Nations go to court over pipeline maintenance work

Ginoogaming First Nation and Aroland First Nation are seeking a Superior Court declaration that they be consulted and accommodated in advance of any maintenance work taking place on an existing pipeline in their territory. The motion for summary judgment asserts that the authorization of operations and maintenance activities that could have adverse affects on Aboriginal and Treaty rights without requiring consultation is unconstitutional.

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Jurisdiction: Sipekne’katik First Nation and Alton Gas: Reflecting on Intersections Between Race, Environmental Rights, and Industry 

A summary of and reflection on the context of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court to uphold the approval of Alton Gas to create natural gas storage caverns despite the concerns of Sipekne’katik First Nation regarding the the health of the watershed and the potential loss of Mi’kmaw cultural identity. 

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Funding for Indigenous communties

Stewardship: Feds publish funding programs for northern climate change monitoring and adaption planning

A summary of four active programs providing funding to Indigenous communities designed to provide opportunities for climate change preparedness, indigenous environmental monitoring, climate change adaptation, and energy efficiency.

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