Enhancing Pollinator Habitats at Waste Management Sites

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We’re excited to finally share the results of a year long collaboration with the Ontario Waste Management Association and Pollinator Partnership Canada. Recognizing the huge potential to create pollinator-friendly habitat in and around landfills, SVS wildlife ecologist Melissa Tonge led the working group in the development of a detailed guide designed to help landfill managers create, maintain and enhance healthy and beautiful habitats in open and closed landfill sites. The project received support from many OWMA members, including the Walker Environmental Group, GFL Environmental, and Waste Connections of Canada.


The Ontario provincial government estimates that over 17,000 hectares of land are associated with public and privately managed waste management facilities. There are many ways to create pollinator habitat at landfill sites and, as with other conservation efforts, local, site specific actions can add up to significant change on the provincial scale.


A successful pollinator habitat project holds the promise of supporting the buzz of bees, the hum of birds and the wondrous migration of monarch butterflies while bringing your community great satisfaction and your industry positive public perceptions. Let us know if you’re interested in supporting nature in your own backyard while connecting fragmented habitats across the continent.


You can download and read the guide here. 



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