Aboriginal Edge: Confrontation OR Aboriginal and Industry Partnerships

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce says collaboration with Aboriginal communities is key in natural resource development.


The Canadian Chamber of Commerce recently published a report on one of the most critical issues facing Canada's natural...

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Five Game-Changing Ontario Natural Gas Innovations On the Horizon


In Quebec, natural gas is fast becoming the fuel of choice for large transportation, long-haul fleets, thanks in part to provincial incentives for vehicle refits and a growing network of "Blue Road" refueling stations.  Will Ontario be next?



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$230 Million Rural Ontario Natural Gas Economic Development Program

Turning on the Natural Gas in Rural & Remote Ontario!

New $200 million Natural Gas Access Loan and $30 million Natural Gas Economic Development Grant

In the summer of 2014, Ontario's Premier Wynne announced a series of mandates for her ministers...

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Energy Pioneer's Legacy Injecting Billions into Ontario's Economy

Who is the Energy Innovator Who Helped Inject $4.2 Billion into Ontario Construction, Putting Many Ontarians to Work While Generating Serious Environmental Issues?

  • His grandfather was a goat herder in Greece.  His father ran a shoeshine and...
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Aboriginal and Industry Partnerships - Investors Speak Loudly!

Investors are speaking up - loudly - on the need for meaningful First Nation, Inuit and Métis partnerships in Canada


This quote from the Globe and Mail speaks loudly:

“Address us with an opportunity.  The global investor would like to be...

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We Want You to ‘Get Gas’ in 2015! Natural Gas Innovation for Ontario

We Want You to ‘Get Gas’ in 2015!  Natural Gas Innovation for Ontario

Several of our clients in Ontario are involved with gas related infrastructure projects - pipeline infrastructure, biogas methane initiatives, or city-wide district energy...

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Ontario Energy Strategy: Nine New Unconventional Oil & Gas Pipelines

Unconventional oil and gas in Ontario can be hard to see if you don't know where to look, but it's all around the province.

This is the second in a new series of posts by Don Richardson and Emily Ferguson on how "Unconventional Oil & Gas are...
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Ontario Climate Action: North America's First City-wide District Energy Network


The City of Guelph is building North America's first city-wide district energy network and leading Ontario climate action.  Guelph is the first community in North America to establish a plan for an...

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