Trending: Indigenous Guardian Programs - NWT Announces $760K Funding


This month we are inspired and excited by news out of the Northwest Territories: On July 4th, the NWT Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources announced that $760,000 is being allocated to Indigenous environmental monitoring and research projects.


Indigenous environmental monitoring and Guardian Programs are on the rise!

Funding for the NWT initiative is being distributed through the NWT Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (NWT CIMP), an environmental monitoring program focused on understanding environmental trends and the environmental impacts of human and natural changes in the territory. Examples of projects being funded include tracking the influence of permafrost thaw in peatlands on aquatic health, and the collection of Indigenous traditional knowledge to better understand changes in boreal and barren-ground caribou habitat.


Shift Happens: An Integrated Approach to Environmental Sustainability

The emergence of Indigenous-led environmental Guardian style programs is indicative of a shift in paradigm in the environmental management and regulatory worlds: a shift towards a more holistic and integrated approach to environmental and resource management, one that taps into both Western Scientific and Traditional Indigenous Ecological Knowledge. See more in our recent post, "Nine Reasons Indigenous Guardians Always Get In On Regulatory Projects".


“These environmental monitoring and research projects, which use scientific and traditional sources of knowledge, are critical for the future of the north and sustainable development in the territory. A healthy environment is essential to the longevity of our land and for northerners now and in the future,” - NWT Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Robert C. McLeod


We at Shared Value Solutions are seeing this trend across Canada in the work our clients are doing, and how Indigenous communities are exercising their rights to regulatory oversight and jurisdiction. Stay tuned for real stories from our visionary clients and the Indigenous led Guardian Programs they are initiating that empower their communities to protect and manage their ancestral lands according to their own traditional laws.


If you want to discuss your Indigenous government's regulatory and jurisdictional needs in relation to Indigenous Guardians Programs, give us a call and we can talk about a path forward - you can reach:


Photo above: Aerial view of the Diavik diamond mine in the Lac de Gras region of the Northwest Territories - Photo via Dr. John Bullas


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