We’re going to The Canadian Institute’s Aboriginal Consultation Atlantic Conference Next Week in Membertou, Nova Scotia!


“Bringing together industry, Aboriginal communities and government to share practical guidance for conducting meaningful consultations

Shared Value Solutions will be presenting at The Canadian Institute’s Aboriginal Consultation Atlantic Conference that is taking place November 8th and November 9th in Membertou, Nova Scotia. 

The conference aims to provide dialogue and potential solutions to some of the contentious consultation issues that have been happening on the east coast of Canada, while at the same time showcasing examples of some of the exemplary work certain companies and Indigenous communities are doing.

Nichole Fraser Macdonald and Trieneke Gastmeier will be on a panel with Cecelia Brooks, Senior Indigenous Knowledge Coordinator for Mi'gmawe'l Tplu'taqnn Incorporated and Darrell Settee, representing Pimicikamak First Nation. The panel, “Connecting the Dots from Traditional Ecological Knowledge to Sovereignty” will highlight some of the specific strategies used by Indigenous Nations to successfully advance their rights and interests through the negotiation processes with the Crown and proponents.

Here are some of the topics we will cover:

  • Creating “evidence” through Indigenous Knowledge studies (sometimes called traditional ecological knowledge or TEK), socio-economic studies, independent technical reviews and community impact assessments
  • Leveraging Indigenous evidence to advance rights, interests and overall sovereignty
  • Overcoming challenges to move toward success
  • Showcasing success stories

We hope to see you there. If you can’t make it, don’t despair! We’ll be sharing a summary of the presentation after the conference, as well as sharing video clips along with our own stories and updates through the SVS Facebook page and twitter @SharedValueCA


About Us - Shared Value Solutions Ltd.:

Businesses and organizations are made up of people. So are communities. Imagine a world where people in industry and government, and people from towns of all sizes, get together to make amazing things happen – things they couldn’t have dreamed up alone. A world where people from corporations get together with people in government or NGOs to explore innovative ways to do business while enhancing the natural and social environment. 

At Shared Value Solutions, we speak your language. And we know that the impossible is possible – with the right people in the circle.

We are an Ontario B Corp and we bring the best engineering, design, environment, architecture and other technical discipline expertise to address your challenges and opportunities: 

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  • Indigenous Private Sector Business Partnerships

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