Tackling Complex Social Problems Through Positive Deviance

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

~ Albert Einstein 


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So how do we solve our most pressing complex...

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UPDATE: Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge in Environmental Assessments

Magnetawan First Nation Knowledge Holders work with Shared Value Solutions' Jeremy Shute (left) on a traditional land use and occupancy study

In March, 2015, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency updated its Reference Guide: Considering...

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$90,000 per Aboriginal Community Energy Plan Project Now Available!

$90,000 per Aboriginal Community Energy Plan Project Now Available in Ontario!

Nichole Fraser-MacDonald, Jeremy Shute and Leah Culver - Our Aboriginal Community Energy Plan bright lights - call 226-706-8888 or Toll-free - 1-866-293-9042 or Email:

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Energy Pioneer's Legacy Injecting Billions into Ontario's Economy

Who is the Energy Innovator Who Helped Inject $4.2 Billion into Ontario Construction, Putting Many Ontarians to Work While Generating Serious Environmental Issues?

  • His grandfather was a goat herder in Greece.  His father ran a shoeshine and...
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