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Gearing Up for September 30: Orange Shirt Campaign

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Reconciliation Through Action: SVS in the Community Series #2

The Talon: News, Funding, Blogs, Special Notice, Jobs and More!

Our Summer Reading List: Indigenous Edition

Erin Knight: COO, Change Management Expert, and our #wcw

Reconciliation Through Action: SVS in the Community

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The Talon: News, Funding, Blog Highlights, Jobs and More!

Facing the Truth: Today and Every Day

Canada Day 2021: A day of reflection, grief, and connection

Listening to the Truth: Gwayakotam Podcast

IndigeSTEAM Careers: Meet Matthew Watson, MSc.

The Talon: News, ESG+I, Funding, Jobs and More!

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Making the Links: ESG Performance, Indigenous Nations, and the Canadian Economy

SVS Reconciliation Circle BINGO

IndigeSTEAM Careers: Meet Alison Gamble M.ES., C.Chem

Facing the Truth: Missing Children and Unmarked Burials

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The Talon: News, Funding, IndigeSTEAM, Jobs and More!

IndigeSTEAM Careers: Meet Robin Heavens M.Eng.

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The Talon: News, New Funding, and More!

The Talon: Funding, Federal Budget Highlights and More!

Strong Indigenous Communities: Federal Budget Highlights

The Talon: Funding, Indigenous Business News and More!

Exploring the Truths about Planning

The Talon: Funding, Indigenomics Book Review, and More!

Indigenomics Reviewed: A Must-read Title for 2021

The Talon: Funding, FNMPC Conference, and More!

Putting the “I” in ESG: Overview of the FNMPC Conference Primer

The Talon: Funding, Indigenous Knowledge Maps, FNMPC Conference, and More!

Mysteries of Indigenous Knowledge Maps Revealed

The Talon: Funding, FNMPC Conference, and More!

The Talon: Funding, BC's Public Health Order, and More!

All Eyes on BC — Public Health Order Addresses the Spread of COVID-19 in Industrial Projects: Four Priority Actions

The Talon: Funding, Ontario's Far North Act Changes, and More!

January 14 Deadline to Comment on Ontario’s Far North Act Changes

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The Talon: Funding, eBook Release, and More!

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Announcing New eBook: Channeling the Wisdom of Indigenous Knowledge

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Fighting for the Environment: Using Traditional Ecological Knowledge

The Talon: Funding, Channeling the Wisdom of Indigenous Knowledge, and More!

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Maximizing the Impact of First Nation and Métis Knowledge in Impact Assessments

The Talon: Funding, Shop Indigenous Gift Guide, and More!

Shop Indigenous! SVS's Gift Giving Guide

The Talon: Funding, Treaty Week, Showing Cumulative Effects, and More!

Filling in the Blanks: How to Show Cumulative Effects in Indigenous Knowledge Studies

Systemic Racism Needs to End: Support for Mi'kmaq Fishers

The Talon: Funding, Support for Mi'kmaq Fishers, Grid Mapping, and More!

A New Approach to Protecting Indigenous Knowledge: Grid Mapping

The Talon: Funding, Indigenous Knowledge and Negotiation and More!

Teach Your Children Well: Maximize the Negotiation Impact of Indigenous Knowledge

The Talon: Funding, Pandemic-Inspired Research Innovations, and More!

The Talon: New Funding, Indigenous Planning, and More!

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The Talon: New Funding, Indigenous Guardians, IPCAs and more!

The Talon: New Indigenous Guardians Funding and more

Indigenous Guardians are Good for Canada: Valerie Courtois

The Talon: Mikisew Advisian Environmental and SVS Release eBook

SVS and Mikisew Advisian release eBook: Orphan Well Rehabilitation on Reserve Lands and Traditional Territories

The Talon: New Funding, New eBook Release

Announcing Free eBook: Best Practices for Orphan Oil and Gas Well Rehabilitation on Reserve Lands and Traditional Territories

The Talon: New Funding, eBook Release

Announcing New eBook: Pandemic-Inspired Research Innovations

The Talon: New Funding, National Indigenous Peoples Day

Tailgate Temperature Checks: Eagle Lake First Nation Pushes Ahead with Mercury Sampling During Pandemic

The Talon: New Funding, Field Work During COVID-19

#AntiRacism #BlackLivesMatter Songs of Action, Reflection and Hope

Shawanaga First Nation Pilots Field Guide to Research During COVID-19

The Talon: New Funding, New Work Approches During COVID-19

Acho Dene Koe First Nation Benefits From Remote Lands Department During Pandemic

The Talon: Remote Research Methods and New Funding

Remote Research Adventures with the Algonquins of Ontario: Gathering Indigenous Knowledge in a Pandemic

Indigenous nations prepare for high waters: Floodplain Mapping UPDATE APRIL 2020

UPDATE: Conjuring a Hand Sanitizer Supply Chain to Indigenous Communities

Five Calls to Action: Indigenous Partnership in Regulatory Process and Post-COVID-19 Economy

The Talon: Funding and Fundraising During COVID-19

Supporting First Nation Economies During COVID-19: Economic Development Corporations Need Wage Subsidy to Survive

New Constellations of Cooperation: First Nations, Industry, NGOs and Government Work Together to Build COVID-19 Supply Chain

The Talon: Covid-19 Support Edition

Bringing Rapid COVID-19 Testing Device to Indigenous Communities

SVS Offering Free Emergency Consultation Support During COVID-19

Into the Right Hands: Conjuring a Hand Sanitizer Supply Chain to Indigenous Communities

The Talon: Special Covid-19 Resource Edition #2

The Talon: Special Covid-19 Preparedness Edition

Health and Well-being Our Main Priority: SVS’s Response to COVID-19

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CCAB's JP Gladu on Federal 5% Indigenous Procurement and Supply Change™

The Talon: SVS's funding and news digest

New eBook: #PDAC Business Success Stories

#PDAC Business Success Profiles: BlackRock Metals and Oujé-Bougoumou Cree Nation

#PDAC Business Success Profiles: Supercom Industries

#PDAC Business Success Profiles: Moccasin Trails

The Talon: SVS's funding and news digest

#PDAC Business Success Profiles: Des Nedhe Development

#PDAC Business Success Profiles: Pawgwasheeng Economic Development Corporation

#PDAC Indigenous Program Session: Sharing Business Success Stories

#PDAC2020: SVS Hosting Two Sessions this Year!

Eagle Eye becomes The Talon: SVS's new funding and news digest

A Fresh New Look for SVS: Introducing the Osprey!

Magnetawan Makes a Movie: Gathering Traditional Knowledge in the Digital Age

Wasauksing Showcases Land Use and Environmental Plans in New Video

Eagle Eye Digest: New funding, Indigenous Knowledge studies, and more!

Talent Search: Sample Job Description for Community Researchers

A Mi’gmaq Government's Grand Plan: Use Indigenous Knowledge Studies to Build Capacity

How to Train Your Consultant in Four Easy Steps

Eagle Eye Digest: New funding, Implementing UNDRIP and more!

Eagle Eye Digest: Funding Programs, Reconciliation Podcast and more!

What it Means to be a Best for the World 2019 Changemaker

We're Hiring! Multiple Positions Open Now

Announcing New eBook: Indigenous Planning Starter Kit

SVS Presenting at the Ontario Aboriginal Lands Association Conference

Indigenous Planning: Funding Your Land Use Plan

The Secret Ingredient to Indigenous Planning: Pick the Right Community Champion

Summer Listening: Gwayakotam Podcast - Episode 3

Eagle Eye Digest: Climate change funding, Qikiqtani Inuit Apology, and Investments in the Far North

Summer Listening: Gwayakotam Podcast - Episode 2

Summer Listening: Gwayakotam Podcast - Episode 1

Eagle Eye Digest: Stewardship Funding, Protected Areas in the Arctic, and more!

Eagle Eye Digest: Lutsel K'e caribou stewardhip, 2019 Indigenous Guardians projects announced, and more

Eagle Eye Digest: $4.3-million Inuit Guardians fund, Indigenous Guardians combat climate change, and more

SVS and Magnetawan First Nation presenting at Canadian Institute of Planners Conference July 4th, 2019!

Indigenous Planning: Six Examples of Creative Engagement that Work

Indigenous nations prepare for high waters: Floodplain Mapping UPDATED April 2020

Eagle Eye Digest: $50 million fish conservation fund, BC Indigenous protected area, and more

Indigenous Planning: How to Use Video for Maximum Impact

Eagle Eye Digest: Indigenous marine planning, Blueberry River back in court, and more

Indigenous Nations Lead the Way in Marine Planning: How to Get Involved

We're Hiring: Surface Water Resources Specialist

Indigenous Planning: Five Crucial Elements Every Land Use Plan Needs

Eagle Eye Digest: Elsipogtog Aboriginal Title, Indigenous planning, and more

Indigenous Planning: Three Questions to a Clear Vision

Indigenous Land Use Planning: Background Info Check List

Eagle Eye Digest: Indigenous planning, colonized food systems, marine protected area oil ban, and more

Indigenous Planning Cheat Sheet: Five Types, Tips and Resources

We're Hiring: Wildlife Biologist, Ecologist or Related Specialty

Call for Submissions: Braiding Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science

Recommendations for Bill C-69: Remember UNDRIP

Eagle Eye Digest: Qikiqtani protected area MOU, Ontario budget, UNDRIP incoming, and more

What's in Ontario Budget 2019 for Indigenous Governments and Northern Ontario?

Still Time for Input to Bill C-69: Senate  Submission Info

Eagle Eye Digest: James Bay Cree to“unlock” value in private homes, Top court halts Taseko drilling, again…and more

First Nations Land Governance and Economic Development Conference This Week in Winnipeg!

Eagle Eye Digest: Federal budget promises $4.5B, Qikiqtani food sovereignty, and more

We're Hiring: Intermediate Project Manager for Environmental Planning, Negotiations and Regulatory Support

Eagle Eye Digest: Indigenous Guardians and resource development, new Ontario Indigenous internship program, and more

Announcing New eBook: Indigenous Guardians and Mining & Pipeline Projects

It's Complicated: Indigenous Government-Company Relationships and IBAs

Eagle Eye Digest: BC commits to UNDRIP, Indigenous species at risk recovery, and more

See you soon at #PDAC2019

Eagle Eye Digest: Bamkushwada wins East-West Tie, BC fish farming lawsuit, and more

We're Hiring: Fisheries / Aquatics Biologist

Eagle Eye Digest: #Indigenomics, Participant funding deadline Jan. 28th and more

We're Hiring: Book Keeper/Administrative Assistant

Shared Value Solutions Welcomes New Board Chair Roman Ciecwierz

Eagle Eye Digest: Mikisew earthquake, Manitoba mining exploration agreements, and more

Ringing in the New Year with New Faces at SVS

Mikisew Earthquake Shakes Up Project Impact Assessments

Eagle Eye Digest: Indigenous protected area funding, wild rice comeback, and more

Eagle Eye Digest: Mine closure IBA strategies, 2019 AFSAR funding, and more

Indigenous Governments and Mine Closure: Five Negotiation Strategies

Head-in-the-Sand Technical Reviews Can Screw-Up Indigenous IBAs: Impact Benefit Agreements

Eagle Eye Digest: Lest we forget, eight powerful IBA strategies, a new era of Indigenous stewardship, and more

Indigenous Oversight: Eight Powerful IBA Strategies for Mining Projects

Eagle Eye Digest:  Bill C-68 & C-69 Update, A Tale of Two Pipelines, and more

Fish, Water, Energy, Environment Legislation: C-68 and C-69 Update

FPIC Conference 2018: Empowering Our Future - See you there!

Indigenous Environmental Oversight of Pipelines: A Tale of Two Pipelines

Shared Value Solutions is Hiring!

We'll be at the Ontario Association for Impact Assessment (OAIA) conference Oct 17-18. See you there!

Eagle Eye Digest: QIA Mary River IIBA, Edéhzhíe Dehcho protected area, and more

What it Means to be a 2018 Best for the World: Changemaker

Eagle Eye Digest: Long term Indigenous Guardian funding, Atikameksheng baby turtle rescue, and more

Finding Long-Term Funding for Indigenous Guardian Programs

Eagle Eye Digest: $20 million Indigenous nation building fund, Indigenous environmental assessments, and more

Eagle Eye Digest: TMX approval quashed, Indigenous climate change funding, and more

Conference Announcement: NALMA National Gathering in Whitehorse, YK

Eagle Eye Digest: Indigenous pipeline guardians, Shubenacadie river showdown, and more

Indigenous Pipeline Guardians: How the Dehcho Asserted Their Role as Stewards of the Mighty Mackenzie

Eagle Eye Digest: Indigenous Guardian funding, northern research sovereignty and more

Trending: Indigenous Guardian Programs - NWT Announces $760K Funding

Eagle Eye Digest: $3 million of climate change adaption funding, Indigenous Guardians reclaim the land, and more

WE'RE HIRING: Terrestrial Ecologist/ Biologist

Nine Reasons Indigenous Guardians Always Get In On Regulatory Projects

Eagle Eye Digest: Massive Alberta land claim, federal call for Indigenous Guardians and more

Conference Announcement: Northern Housing Summit in Sioux Lookout!

Eagle Eye Digest: First Nations vote on $1.1 billion treaty deal, Indigenous forest management funding, and more

Manitoba Risks the Honour of the Crown and Indigenous IBAs in Canada

Eagle Eye Digest: Up to $3 million for Indigenous economic development; pipeline duty to consult; more!

Eagle Eye Digest: $2.5M for Nunavut fisheries, #TrackingTransMountain, and more

Eagle Eye Digest: Ontario shares mining revenue, new Indigenous climate change adaption funding, and more

Eagle Eye Digest: Innu mining rights, Inuit IBAs, and Haida eco-tourism

Eagle Eye Digest: Climate change staff grants, Indigenous marine response and more

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