Six Nations Precedent: Indigenous Jurisdiction and Pipelines in Canada


Six Nations of the Grand River just set a precedent for Indigenous jurisdiction and National Energy Board (NEB) regulated pipelines in Canada.  And it's a BIG ONE. The precedent will have implications for ALL Indigenous communities seeking to...

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Eagle Eye: $361,500+ Available -January 2017 Funding Opportunities Scan

We've always got our eyes open for shifts in policy and legislation, and the initiatives and funding opportunities that result from them.  "Eagle Eye" posts will keep you in the loop on changes we're seeing unfold across Canada and what...
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What's happening with Energy East? An update on the NEB Hearing Process 


The new Energy East panel has come out with its first ruling for the NEB review process for Energy East, and its a big one. 

All of the Panel's decisions are laid out in this newly released order with the exciting title: A81494-1 NEB Ruling No...

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Partnerships in Procurement Report: A Must Read from Mining Shared Value

At SVS, we found Mining Shared Value's Partnerships in Procurement report to be tremendously valuable in providing a snapshot of the realities surrounding Indigenous procurement and Indigenous and industry partnerships. We are particularly...

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We Stand in Solidarity with Aroland and Ginoogaming First Nations' Court Challenge vs. TransCanada Pipeline "Integrity Digs"


We express our solidarity with the injunction motion launched by the Aroland and Ginoogaming First Nations against pipeline "integrity digs" in Treaty 9 territory in northwest Ontario. This precedent-setting motion against TransCanada...

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Community Cultural Values Mapping: Does it Work?

Community Values Mapping sessions allow for more participants to be involved in Indigenous Knowledge studies and for new stories and perspectives to be brought to the table.

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