The Climate Change Solutions Deployment Corporation - Indigenous Fit?

Posted by Larry Sault and Don Richardson

on Feb 23, 2017 12:32:52 PM

Will Ontario's new Climate Change Solutions Deployment Corporation help Indigenous communities?

Ontario created the Ontario Climate Change Solutions Deployment Corporation - CCSDC - on February 17, 2017 through a new regulation under the Development Corporations Act.  The CCSDC has a focus on low-income households in Ontario, however for First Nation and Métis communities, it's important to note that the new regulation forming the corporation does not mention Indigenous communities, or address the greenhouse gas reduction needs and related energy poverty realities of  Indigenous communities.  

The CCSDC does hold some promise for Indigenous communities in Ontario, but much will depend on how its Board of Directors will interpret its mandate and scope of work in relation to Indigenous community needs.


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Anwaatin Comments on Draft Ontario Climate Change Act - Bill 172 

Posted by Larry Sault

on Apr 12, 2016 4:33:23 PM

Our partner company, Anwaatin, recently submitted comments to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Regarding the draft of Bill 172 (the "Ontario Climate Change Act", know formally as the Climate Change Mitigation and Low-carbon Economy Act, 2016).  We reprint these comments here with permission.  Previous posts from Anwaatin authors include:



Anwaatin's Submission on Bill 172 (Climate Change Mitigation and Low-carbon Economy Act, 2016)

In the face of climate change, Indigenous peoples in Ontario have emerged as Stewardship Warriors. Indigenous peoples must be front and centre in responding to and preventing the worst effects of climate change.

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We Are Stewardship Warriors

Posted by Don Richardson

on Jul 14, 2015 9:42:00 AM



On July 8, 2015, we had the opportunity to assist Larry Sault, former Councillor and Chief of the Mississaugas of the New Credit and former Grand Chief of the Iroquois and Allied Indians - and now CEO of Anwaatin,  for his address to the Climate Summit of the Americas.  Following his speech, there were many requests to have access to a copy.  Here, with Councillor Sault's direction, is the text of his address.


We are Stewardship Warriors

Larry Sault, Councillor for the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation
Speech to the Climate Change Summit of the Americas, Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


July 8, 2015




I’ll begin by thanking Premier Wynne; Ontario’s Environment Minister: Glen Murray and the rest of the Summit Organizers. Our First Nation ancestors have always reminded us about our spiritual connection to the natural world. It’s my privilege to be invited to talk here this morning.

200 years ago, this was the original homelands of the Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation and one of the largest fur trade routes on the great lakes. This was our home. So on behalf of our membership we welcome other Tribal and First Nation Leaders, dignitaries from the 41 countries from the Americas, Mr. Felipe Calderón, Chair of the The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, former United States Vice Presicent Al Gore, California Governor Jerry Brown, Premier of Quebec Philippe Couillard and you - our guests.

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Ontario Cap and Trade: Aboriginal Rights and Interests

Posted by Don Richardson

on Jun 24, 2015 1:16:00 PM

Exploring the Grotto at Bruce Peninsula National Park, a sea cave carved out of the Niagara Escarpment:

According to Ontario's Environmental Commissioner, climate change will have enormous impacts on Ontario’s natural environment. Increased air and water temperatures, along with changes to rain and snow patterns, will reshape the ecology of the province with "profound repercussions on our communities and economy... Climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation must be considered a two-pronged and interrelated approach to how the Ontario government plans and manages our land and water, fish and wildlife, and communities and economy."

Ontario's Aboriginal Communities: Key Dialogue Partners for Developing Cap and Trade

Climate change adds to the many challenges for sustaining healthy biodiversity in Ontario. Habitat loss and fragmentation, pollution, and invasive alien species threaten Ontario's native species and ecosystems, and climate change compounds these existing problems. For Aboriginal communities across Ontario, climate change presents profound impacts to livelihoods, ways of life and future generations.  And, as primary ecosystem stewards, Aboriginal communities are on the front lines of fighting climate change.

As Ontario moves forward with plans for Ontario climate action that include a Cap and Trade mechanism, Ontario's Aboriginal communities will be key dialogue partners.  As Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission notes, Ontario Cap and Trade can work effectively to meaningfully and cost-effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but only if government gets the details of policy right.  Ontario has made important commitments to fighting climate change and is demonstrating strong leadership across the Americas (e.g. the Climate Change Summit of the Americas with speakers including Al Gore, California Governor Jerry Brown, Dr. Dean Jacobs, and Felipe Calderón), with other sub-national governments (notably California and Quebec), and with a long-term and short-term goals to combat climate change at home.  

We've previously written about how Canada's First Nation, Inuit and Métis peoples are key to climate change action. and the critical importance of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) in the face of climate change.  We've also written about Premier Kathleen Wynne's commitments for Ontario climate change action and her mandates to her Ministers around Aboriginal community well-being.  We understand that Ontario is both very serious about combatting climate change and serious about making sure that Aboriginal communities share in the benefits of natural resources, are engaged in natural resource management, engaged in resource-related economic development, engaged in the energy sector, and engaged in dialogue with Ontario for revitalized treaty relationships that help promote improved socio-economic outcomes.

Combating climate change in Ontario will most likely involve collaborative climate change action with many players.  Dialogue will translate into various agreements, including ecosystem based management or stewardship agreements: all built with meaningful dialogue with Aboriginal communities to meet Ontario's long-term and short-term goals.  Ontario makes it clear in its Climate Change Discussion Paper that it plans to "engage First Nations and Métis communities across Ontario in a focused conversation to work together to address climate impacts and climate change."

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$90,000 per Aboriginal Community Energy Plan Project Now Available!

Posted by Leah Culver

on Apr 13, 2015 5:31:00 PM

$90,000 per Aboriginal Community Energy Plan Project Now Available in Ontario!

Nichole Fraser-MacDonald, Jeremy Shute and Leah Culver - Our Aboriginal Community Energy Plan bright lights - call 226-706-8888 or Toll-free - 1-866-293-9042 or Email:

[We also provide certification training for "BEAHR" Aboriginal Environmental Monitors and Technicians!]

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Ontario Climate Action Innovation: Landfill Gas Fuels Recycling Plant

Posted by Meaghan Langille and Don Richardson

on Mar 16, 2015 7:35:00 PM

Circular Economy Brilliance: Landfill Gas Fuels Ontario Recycling Plant

Climate change is perhaps the single greatest threat to humanity of our generation. With Canada’s emissions set to continue rise, we are nowhere near the targets we've set as a nation.  Not content to wait for federal action, Ontario is embarking on a "subnational" effort to change that.   Ontario climate action innovation is helping change Canada's image as a climate action laggard to that of a global climate action leader.

We're going to provide input to Ontario's climate change discussion paper, and help support a high-productivity, low-carbon economy. To develop our input, we're going to learn from some of the "early adopters" pushing Ontario climate action innovation - people and organizations building Ontario climate policy from the ground up.  The great thing about the people of Ontario is they don't wait for federal climate policy to innovate and make climate change action happen.  

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B-reakthrough for Net Zero Economy: BCorps + The B Team

Posted by Don Richardson

on Feb 1, 2015 2:22:00 PM

#BtheChange at Shared Value Solutions - our BCorp team members on a break from strategic environmental assessment and Aboriginal traditional knowledge study work - investigating community, environmental and climate change impacts in connection with a northern Ontario gold mining project.  L to R: Nichole Fraser-MacDonald, M.Sc., Kathleen "Kat" Ryan, M.Sc., Trieneke Gastmeier, M.A., Frances Dietrich O'Connor, M.Sc. Emily Ferguson, B.A.


B Corporation and The B Team = B-reakthrough for Net Zero Economy

Are you a B Corp like us, or a business that sees the value of working towards a net zero economy?
We challenge you to learn more about the B Team and join in this inspiring mission.


The "B-reakthrough"

On January 19, 2015, in Davos at the World Economic Forum, BCorporation joined the B Team, creating a new partnership that will encourage all B Team members to measure what matters and link B Corps to the remarkable Plan B movement that uses business as a force for good. (What Does a B Corp Look Like?)

The media release: "The B Team was founded in 2012 by Sir Richard Branson and Jochan Zeitz with the hope of bringing together global business leaders to change “business as usual.” Much like B Lab and B Corporations, the founders and members of the B Team see opportunities for businesses to change the world for the better—opportunities that most businesses are missing, or don’t know how to take advantage of. We also share the belief that not only can businesses join non-profits and governments in the work of creating a better world, but that they must if we are to see success."

A key driver for Plan B is to bring about a thriving, net-zero carbon, restorative economy.  Plan B gets businesses to reduce their environmental impacts and invest in new business models that help regenerate the environment. 

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Good News for Ontario Climate Action: Six U.S. Methane Emission Steps

Posted by Don Richardson

on Jan 14, 2015 1:34:00 PM

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We Want You to ‘Get Gas’ in 2015! Natural Gas Innovation for Ontario

Posted by Don Richardson

on Jan 3, 2015 1:41:00 PM

We Want You to ‘Get Gas’ in 2015!  Natural Gas Innovation for Ontario

Several of our clients in Ontario are involved with gas related infrastructure projects - pipeline infrastructure, biogas methane initiatives, or city-wide district energy systems and regional energy stewardship initiatives.  2014 was definitely a year we spent “getting gas” – learning about changes in natural gas infrastructure and use across Ontario. 

What we find most fascinating is how so many others don’t “get gas”.  Most of us use it every day to heat homes or cook meals, but we don’t know much about where it comes from, how it can be used, how it’s priced or how it’s changing our economy.  Much our energy consumption in Ontario is natural gas - about one-third of the overall energy mix (according to Union Gas).  

Most people in Ontario are unaware of the massive natural gas infrastructure changes happening, the influx of low cost natural gas to Ontario from U.S. shale gas sources, the changes in the natural gas market, and how those changes will connect with economic, social and environmental aspirations of people who live in Ontario.  In 2015, we’re on a mission to help others in Ontario “get gas”

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First Nation, Inuit & Métis Peoples are Key to Climate Change Action

Posted by Don Richardson

on Dec 6, 2014 10:52:00 AM

Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Change

From December 1st through to December 12th, 2014, Peru hosts the 20th Conference of Parties (COP 20) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.  This is the latest in a series of meetings by the UN’s decision-making body on climate action.
The event in Peru is promoting the participation of indigenous peoples and their knowledge and views about solutions and adaptation.  This is not about political correctedness.  Indigenous peoples are a primary resource of knowledge and innovation for climate change solutions and adaptation. 

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