Eagle Eye Digest: New funding, Indigenous Knowledge studies, and more!

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Read on for updates on Indigenous funding programs, precedent setting impact benefit and resource management agreements, and stories of prosperity, jurisdiction and stewardship in action. 


Indigenous Funding Programs

Participant Funding is Available for the Cedar LNG Project in British Columbia

The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada is making funding available through its Participant Funding Program to assist the participation of the public and Indigenous peoples in the federal impact assessment for the proposed Cedar LNG Project, a floating liquefied natural gas processing facility and marine export terminal located near Kitimat, British Columbia.
Applications are open until January 6th, 2020.


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Participant Funding is Available for the Prairie Lights Power Project in Alberta

The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada is making funding available through its Participant Funding Program to assist the participation of the public and Indigenous groups in the federal impact assessment for the proposed Prairie Lights Power Project, a natural-gas fired power generation facility located within the Municipal District of Greenview, Alberta.
Applications will be considered until January 6th, 2020.


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Indigenous Guardians Pilot Program

In the 2017 Budget, the Government of Canada announced $25 million over four years to support an Indigenous Guardians Pilot Program. This program will provide Indigenous Peoples with greater opportunity to exercise responsibility in stewardship of their traditional lands, waters, and ice. The Pilot Program supports Indigenous rights and responsibilities in protecting and conserving ecosystems, developing and maintaining sustainable economies, and continuing the profound connections between Canadian landscape and Indigenous culture.

The call for proposals is open until January 10th, 2020.


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Funding available from newly launched Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation

The Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation is newly launched foundation with the mission of providing greater access to grants and funding for Mi’kmaq and Maliseet communities in Atlantic Canada. The foundation will fund a wide range of projects ranging from child and elder care to education, community economic development to lands and resource stewardship. Interested in exploring opportunities with Ulnooweg? Check out their website and feel free to contact them directly for more information.


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Green Infrastructure – Environmental Quality Program

This program, funded through the Government of Canada and Government of British Columbia, supports Indigenous Nations in B.C. to enhance the management of water and wastewater. Funding may also be used for projects that improve community water infrastructure and access. There is a total of $150 million available in this round of funding. Applications are due on February 26, 2020.


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New Blog Series:
Indigenous Knowledge Matters

In case you missed it...

Welcome to our new blog series that explores ways Indigenous nations have used Indigenous Knowledge Studies (also called Traditional Knowledge or Land Use and Occupancy Studies) to assert jurisdiction, leverage influence in regulatory processes and Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA) negotiations, further stewardship and cultural revitalization efforts, and to build capacity.


This series is a celebration of the extraordinary nations and visionary leaders we have had the privilege of working with on Indigenous Knowledge studies from coast, to coast, to coast - with some resources and ideas for you to use in your own journeys. We hope you join us for the rest of the ride.  And please get in touch if there’s a topic you’d like us to explore.


Read the first two posts in this ongoing series:

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