Eagle Eye Digest: Indigenous marine planning, Blueberry River back in court, and more

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Read on for updates on Indigenous funding programs, precedent setting impact benefit and resource management agreements, and stories of prosperity, jurisdiction and stewardship in action. 


Indigenous Jurisdiction

Indigenous Nations lead the way in marine planning: How to get involved

From coast to coast to coast, Indigenous nations are leading the way for marine planning. While it isn’t broadly applied by Canada's provincial or federal governments, Indigenous governments are using marine planning to support co-management of the waters and resources within their territories. We share some examples of leading marine planning bodies in Canada and internationally and where Indigenous Guardians are on the frontlines.


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Indigenous planning: Five crucial elements every land use plan needs

What motivates most planners is a deep desire to create spaces for people to live their lives with a sense of community, a sense of home. Balancing the need for houses, businesses, schools and infrastructure with the need for parks, wild spaces, cultural sites and gathering places is no easy task. With so many factors to consider, land use planning can help you develop a visionary plan that provides strategic and specific direction for how your community will grow for generations to come. But what absolutely needs to be included in a land use plan to effectively manage your lands?


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Indigenous Stewardship

Blueberry River First Nation back in court to fight B.C. over forestry, oil and gas impact

The Blueberry River First Nation of B.C.’s Peace Region is challenging the constitutionality of development in its territory arguing the rights protected by a 120-year-old treaty are being dismissed in favour of industry. This week the Nation re-launched a court case against the province in B.C. Supreme Court, claiming the cumulative effects of development have encroached on treaty rights and put the health and security of its people at risk.


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15 minute approvals: Alberta plans to automate licences for new oil and gas drilling

Alberta’s new government has pledged a ‘rapid acceleration of approvals,’ the province’s energy regulator has been moving ahead with plans that mean the vast majority of new oil and gas wells could be approved by a computer in a matter of minutes


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