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Pawgwasheeng Economic Development Corporation inaugural Board of Directors


The number of successful, thriving Indigenous businesses that got their start connected to the resource sector is growing at an exciting rate. In our work with Indigenous nations from coast to coast to coast, we have encountered many inspiring examples. Four of these dynamic businesses - along with a mining producer and the First Nation they have recently struck a novel agreement with - have agreed to share their stories this year in a session at the PDAC (Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada) Indigenous Program. Read all about the session here:

Sharing Business Success Stories: How to make the most of opportunities both basic and complex 

In the lead-up to the March 1-4th conference in Toronto, we are profiling each of these businesses in a  blog series. Guest authors from each business have graciously shared their company stories. Today’s feature is the Pawgwasheeng Economic Development Corporation.

Pawgawasheeng Economic Development Corporation

Founded: 2019

Operating out of Pays Plat First Nation, Ontario

Guest Author/PDAC panelist: Ginny Michano, President

Company Overview

The Pawgwasheeng Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) is based out of Office Six in Pays Plat First Nation's Business Centre. They look forward to serving the First Nation and establishing excellent working relationships with many companies from various industries with the spotlight on strong partnerships within municipal and regional companies.

PEDC has a goal to bring growth, employment and a sustainable future to the top of Lake Superior as our area is rich in opportunities just waiting to be explored.

List of Current Partnerships
  • TBT Engineering
  • Gridlink Inc.
  • Pioneer Construction
  • DST Engineering
  • Niigaani Drilling
  • Tom Jones Corporation
  • Outland
  • Workforce Inc
  • North Shore Forest Products
The Creation of Pawgwasheeng Economic Development Corporation

The creation of Pawgwasheeng Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) was the direct result of the East West Tie transmission project and the formation of Supercom Industries. Ginny Michano, member of Pays Plat First Nation, was appointed as one of the founding board members of Supercom Industries. With Pays Plat First Nation being one of the smallest, and less experienced in terms of economic development, it was an eye-opener seeing the capabilities of the other partnering First Nations. As Supercom Industries progressed, the need was apparent that change was needed for Pays Plat First Nation if they wanted to further participate in projects within their region. 


It started with conversations between Ginny Michano (Housing Manager), Mary Hardy (PPFN Consultation), and Douglas Moses (PPFN Economic Development Officer). The small group exercised a few internal mini-strategic planning sessions and spoke of projects coming into the Pays Plat First Nation territory. They created the Pays Plat First Nation Economic Development Committee whose goal was to maximize the economic benefits for the First Nation and its members. 


But how would they accomplish this? Creating partnerships was one of the proposed solutions.


In March 2018, a funding application was submitted to the Indigenous Economic Development Fund, under Ontario’s Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation. As a result of the internal mini-strategic planning sessions, it was determined that Pays Plat First Nation needed to create an economic development corporation and pursue partnerships/joint ventures, which this proposal would fund. Pays Plat First Nation’s funding application was successful, and Ginny Michano became the Partnership Co-Ordinator for the First Nation. 


Throughout the fiscal year, the Pays Plat First Nation Economic Development Committee engaged in several meetings with industry and potential partners. Early on, there were a few local companies that stood out, and would form a close relationship with the Committee.  These companies would end up being the first signed MOUs.


Through a lot of hard work and with the support of the Chief and Council of Pays Plat First Nation, the Pawgwasheeng Economic Development Corporation was created on February 15, 2019. The inaugural Board of Directors are as follows:


Ginny Michano, President

Douglas Moses, Vice-President

Mary Hardy, Secretary-Treasurer

Brent Achneepineskum

Darlene Morriseau, PPFN Council Member


We look forward to the valuable contribution that PEDC will bring to the discussion in March at PDAC.


#PDAC Blog Series: Sharing Business Success Stories

If you aren't coming to PDAC this year, never fear: In the lead-up to the March 1-4th conference, we are profiling each of these businesses in a blog series. Guest authors from each business have graciously shared their company stories.


Here's the full list of participants for the PDAC panel with links to their awesome businesses. Stay tuned for the next instalment!

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