Six Nations Precedent: Indigenous Jurisdiction and Pipelines in Canada


Six Nations of the Grand River just set a precedent for Indigenous jurisdiction and National Energy Board (NEB) regulated pipelines in Canada.  And it's a BIG ONE. The precedent will have implications for ALL Indigenous communities seeking to...

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Energy East Pipeline to Nova Scotia: Will First Nations Have a Big Say?


By Don Richardson, Managing Partner, Shared Value Solutions Ltd.


I was taken by surprise by the announcement that Nova Scotia's Strait of Canso Superport should be an ultimate destination for the Energy East pipeline.  That's...

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Changes Coming to Canada’s Pipeline Review Processes

According to news reports from Bloomberg and the National Observer, Canada’s federal government is preparing the specifics of “transition plans” for current pipeline proposals under review by the National Energy Board.  This process is part of a...

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Are You Watching? TransCanada Pipelines and Aboriginal Interests

Is Your Community Engaged?

In September we published a popular post: "Is Your Community Ready?" TransCanada Pipelines & Aboriginal Interests".  On October 30th, 2014, TransCanada formally applied for federal government approval for this $12...

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Is Your Community Ready? TransCanada Pipelines & Aboriginal Interests

Is Your Community Ready?

TransCanada’s proposed Energy East Pipeline Project is the largest proposed energy infrastructure project to happen in Canada since the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway system.  At the same time as TransCanada...

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TransCanada’s Energy East Project: Mapping Aboriginal Interests in Ontario

Note: This is one of a series of posts we're providing on the TransCanada Energy East Project and related oil & gas pipeline infastructure and Aboriginal interests.  Other posts include:

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