#Budget2018 and Indigenous Guardians: Funding and Policy Highlights

Looking for information about Indigenous Guardians and #Budget2018? Read on!


The Government of Canada's new 2018 Budget has some promising opportunities for Indigenous Guardians, including funding for protected areas, expansion of the First...

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Find the Funds to make your Land Code Community Dreams a Reality

If your community is looking to follow this lands management pathway you may be wondering what funding is available to carry out the processes for managing your reserve lands and ultimately asserting jurisdiction and autonomy over your...

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Land Code Communities – 5 Ingredients of Effective Environmental Management Plans

An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is a community-specific plan for managing environmental issues and protecting environmental values. EMPs are being developed by many First Nation Land Code communities as part of protecting and managing...

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Moving Towards Self-Governance and Management of First Nations Reserve Lands: Land Code Communities

In 1990, a group of First Nations Chiefs came together to request that their communities be given the opportunity to manage their reserve lands. This was primarily driven by their frustration with lack of control over lands, which was impeding...

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