Indigenous Environmental Oversight of Pipelines: A Tale of Two Pipelines

The question of what effective Indigenous government environmental oversight of pipeline projects can look like looms large in the current debates about the oil and gas pipelines set to criss-cross Indigenous lands and waters across North...

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Tired of NEB Pipeline Whack-a-Mole? There's an App for That!

“Canada is a vast nation with a diverse energy mix. A better understanding of what energy is produced, as well as how, when and where it’s transported will lead to a more informed energy dialogue across the country.”

– Peter Watson, Chair and...

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Six Nations Precedent: Indigenous Jurisdiction and Pipelines in Canada


Six Nations of the Grand River just set a precedent for Indigenous jurisdiction and National Energy Board (NEB) regulated pipelines in Canada.  And it's a BIG ONE. The precedent will have implications for ALL Indigenous communities seeking to...

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What's happening with Energy East? An update on the NEB Hearing Process 


The new Energy East panel has come out with its first ruling for the NEB review process for Energy East, and its a big one. 

All of the Panel's decisions are laid out in this newly released order with the exciting title: A81494-1 NEB Ruling No...

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We Stand in Solidarity with Aroland and Ginoogaming First Nations' Court Challenge vs. TransCanada Pipeline "Integrity Digs"


We express our solidarity with the injunction motion launched by the Aroland and Ginoogaming First Nations against pipeline "integrity digs" in Treaty 9 territory in northwest Ontario. This precedent-setting motion against TransCanada...

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Energy East Pipeline to Nova Scotia: Will First Nations Have a Big Say?


By Don Richardson, Managing Partner, Shared Value Solutions Ltd.


I was taken by surprise by the announcement that Nova Scotia's Strait of Canso Superport should be an ultimate destination for the Energy East pipeline.  That's...

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Pipelines and Indigenous Jurisdiction: Husky Energy oil spill

Left to right, Little Pine Chief Wayne Semaganis, Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC) Vice Chief Joseph Tsannie, FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron, PAGC Vice Chief Brian Hardlotte, FSIN Vice Chief E. Dutch Lerat, PAGC Grand Chief Ron Michel. Photo credit:...

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Changes Coming to Canada’s Pipeline Review Processes

According to news reports from Bloomberg and the National Observer, Canada’s federal government is preparing the specifics of “transition plans” for current pipeline proposals under review by the National Energy Board.  This process is part of a...

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Aboriginal Edge: Confrontation OR Aboriginal and Industry Partnerships

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce says collaboration with Aboriginal communities is key in natural resource development.


The Canadian Chamber of Commerce recently published a report on one of the most critical issues facing Canada's natural...

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