Trudeau Vows to End Boil Water Advisories for First Nations across Canada- Five Lessons Learned from One Community’s Success

By: Michael Gillis, Constance Lake First Nation Water Treatment Operator; Councillor Roger Wesley, Constance Lake First Nation; Scott Mackay and Don Richardson, Shared Value Solutions Ltd.


The 2016 Canadian federal budget was full of investment...

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First Nation Water Innovation: Fighting Bad Water and Winning

Constance Lake First Nation

Bad Water, Bad Headlines

The CBC News headline from October 15, 2015 reads: 

Bad water: 'Third World' conditions on First Nations in Canada: Two-thirds of First Nations have been under at least 1 water advisory between...

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Reaching a Boiling Point: First Nations Approaches to Water Management

First Nations Approaches to Water Management: Seven Lessons Learned

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