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Shop Indigenous! SVS's Annual Gift Giving Guide

Welcome back to what has become an annual SVS holiday tradition - our Shop Indigenous Gift Giving Guide. We love supporting Indigenous businesses as much as possible and how can we resist when the products are beautiful, unique, functional, and even...

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Maximizing the Impact of First Nation and Métis Knowledge in Impact Assessments

 Studying a Pipeline Right-of-Way at Halfway River First Nation


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Shop Indigenous! SVS's Gift Giving Guide

Raise your hand if you’re done your holiday shopping! Anyone? No? We aren’t either. Lately, the virtual watercooler chat among SVS staff has been about our favourite places to shop, in particular, our favourite Indigenous businesses.

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Filling in the Blanks: How to Show Cumulative Effects in Indigenous Knowledge Studies

Often when we work with an Indigenous Nation to collect and display Indigenous Knowledge data on a map, defined shapes appear where there is no data at all. Like missing puzzle pieces in an otherwise rich picture of land use, these blanks on the map...

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A New Approach to Protecting Indigenous Knowledge: Grid Mapping


Any Indigenous Nation who has worked on an Indigenous Knowledge study has faced this conundrum: How do we protect the knowledge that’s sacred and precious while at the same time using it to protect our rights and interests?

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Shawanaga First Nation Pilots Field Guide to Research During COVID-19

Zeegwun and Ogichida McQuabbie helping their dad, Lands Manager Tobias McQuabbie, with field assessments at Shawanaga First Nation. 

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