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Welcome to Shared Value Solutions' biweekly funding and news digest. We hope this edition finds you well. Our feature this week is our new blog post on remote research for Indigenous Knowledge studies - the first in a series that explores remote research options in the new COVID-19 reality.

We also include updates on the initiatives we are involved with to help keep people safe and healthy during the pandemic, which includes an open letter to government and regulators that focuses on Indigenous rights and interests in the developing post-COVID-19 economic landscape. You'll find the usual round up of funding opportunities as well as stories of inspiration from across Turtle Island. 

Stay safe and well, everyone!

New Blog Series: Adventures in Remote Research 

How can we best address clients' goals using remote tools?

Welcome to our new series that explores the pros and cons of remote research tools. Back in the days before COVID-19 changed everything about how we live and work, conducting in-person Indigenous Knowledge interviews was the hands-down job highlight of our social researchers. Often, our study participants are Elders who share a lifetime’s worth of memories, stories, and cultural wisdom.


During the pandemic, it’s these same Elders we are trying to protect with social distancing, so in-person interviews are off the table. However, regulatory processes for development projects are marching on, and Indigenous Knowledge studies are key elements in protecting rights and interests. We're all wondering how to continue our research in the age of social distancing – and if indeed it is possible at all. The larger question we have set out to answer is this: How can we best address the needs of our clients using remote tools?


Post number one in our series evaluates video conferencing:

Remote Research Adventures with the Algonquins of Ontario: Gathering Indigenous Knowledge in a Pandemic

Working with the Algonquins of Ontario on their Algonquin Knowledge and Land Use Study (AKLUS), we set out to explore how shifting to a computer-mediated set-up would affect the quantity and quality of interviews we conducted (spoiler alert: it's working!).

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Supporting Indigenous Nations During COVID-19: May Update 

Here are updates on some of the projects we are involved with to keep people safe and healthy during the pandemic. 


Five Calls to Action: Indigenous Partnership in Regulatory Process and Post-COVID-19 Economy

In the clamour for economic recovery post-COVID-19, we at SVS are concerned that progress on Indigenous rights may be rolled back in the name of wider economic recovery when this is exactly the moment when the rights and interests of Indigenous Nations, and the interests of Canada, can strongly align for the health, security and prosperity of us all.  


The five calls to action in this open letter to government and regulators represent a synthesis of conversations we have had with Indigenous leadership, business leaders and consultation staff from across Canada. 

Five Calls to Action Summarized:
  1. Uphold the Duty to Consult
  2. Create better, more inclusive projects
  3. Recognize and honour the diversity of Indigenous Nations

  4. Support Indigenous economies during the COVID-19 pandemic
  5. Empower Indigenous Guardianship

Read the letter here


Seeking Industry Donations:

SVS Partners with GlobalMedic to bring supplies to Indigenous Nations

SVS is helping connect industry donations to Indigenous Nations requesting support during COVID-19 through Canadian charity GlobalMedic.

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Still Available: Free Emergency Consultation Department Support During COVID-19 from SVS

First Nations are reporting that, even in the midst of a pandemic that has many band offices closed, resource development proponents continue to send referrals to move projects forward. We have ideas on how to support. Get in touch.

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Conjuring a Hand Sanitizer Supply Chain to Indigenous Communities: Update on Distribution

An army of problem solvers have conjured a hand sanitizer supply chain to fill the need for hand sanitizer in northern Ontario First Nations. The hand sanitizer, along with some cleaning and hygiene products courtesy of GlobalMedic, have arrived! Check out all the community volunteers distributing to communities in our updated blog. 

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SVS Partnering with Precision Biomonitoring to Bring Rapid COVID-19 Testing Device to Remote Indigenous Communities

Precision Biomonitoring and Shared Value Solutions have created a partnership to bring rapid COVID-19 test equipment to First Nations with serious health needs. 

Watch the latest CTV news on this story

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Things are evolving hourly, so please contact us if you are interested in the status of any of these initiatives. 


Indigenous Funding Programs

We get that your plate is likely more than full at the moment, but here are some opportunities we didn't want you to miss out on. 


College and Community Innovation Program – Applied Research Rapid Response to COVID-19

Objective: To accelerate the transfer and application of applied research and of expertise for local community organizations and partners from the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors on COVID-19 related topics. All projects are intended to address topics of immediate relevance to the COVID-19 outbreak. NSERC is partial to funding projects with Indigenous partnerships, as long as they are legitimately collaborative.

Bottom line: $75 max funding, Applications due June 1st, 2020

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Indigenous Nations prepare for high waters: Floodplain Mapping 2020-2021 First Nation Adapt Funding Still Available

As of May 8th, nearly 5000 people had watched Magnetawan First Nation's video on Facebook explaining how their flood mapping project will support land and emergency planning - so we thought it was worth re-sharing here!

Magnetawan's project was funded through the First Nation Adapt program. This fund is still operating, although at a reduced capacity during the COVID-19 emergency. The good news is that there is still 2020-2021 funding available. 

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Round-up of Opportunities under the Set-Aside Program for Aboriginal Businesses:

News Digest 

Fort Liard gas wells could move to next steps in cleanup

Work to abandon or reclaim former gas wells near Fort Liard may begin this summer, the company overseeing the work has told regulators. In SVS's new role supporting Acho Dene Koe First Nation's lands and resource department, Scott Mackay speaks to the need for ADK's rights and interests to be at the forefront of any plans for reclaimation.

Why reconciliation means supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs

Indigenous-led businesses help combat economic marginalization — but they face many barriers. spoke with three organizations about how to foster entrepreneurship and keep money in communities.

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Data gaps exist on COVID-19 cases in Indigenous communities, says research fellow

Indigenous Services Canada releases cumulative number of positive cases, but no data on deaths, recoveries.

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Reconciliation Circle Update SVS_Illustration_RGB_Nest

In each issue of The Talon, we bring you stories from the Reconciliation Circle, our group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous SVSers who come together regularly to explore issues of diversity and inclusion. We share what we're up to, and what we're talking about. Please share any ideas you might have for what we could get up to!

This week's focus: Read more books by Indigenous authors!

Moon of the Crusted Snow:  If you haven't already read Waubgeshig Rice's post-apocalyptic novel, you've got to check it out. It's eerily timely. And word has it he's working on the sequel.


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