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Celebrating International Women's Day


Today is International Women’s Day! A day where we celebrate women’s achievements in forging a path to a world that is more equitable, inclusive and that recognizes diversity.


At SVS, we encounter inspiring women daily, from our staff to our clients, from coast to coast to coast. These women embody the spirit of International Women’s Day through their leadership and the impact they have in their communities.


In our monthly ‘Women Crush Wednesdays’ (#wcw) blog series, we profile women who are at the forefront of their fields, all while balancing home life and the challenges of 21st century politics, environment, and reconciliation.  On this day of recognition, we chose to highlight all of the wonderful women we have featured so far in this series.


Enjoy their stories- we hope you find inspiration within them!


Annie Korver, Founder and Principal, Rise Consulting and Board Member, Shared Value Solutions
Annie cropped
Inspired by reconciliation in Canada and her own Métis ancestry, Annie founded her company Rise Consulting Ltd. (“Rise”) in 2013 to advance reconciliation and Indigenous inclusion with a focus on economic development. 
Learn more about Rise Consulting here.
Brittanee Laverdure, Regional Vice President, Indigenous Wealth, RBC and Board Member,  Shared Value Solutions
Brittanee cropped
Brittanee manages a variety of relationships with Indigenous clients throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. She is responsible for the engagement and administration of a wide range of Indigenous Trusts, including providing ongoing reporting, training and support to clients at the community level.
Raised in the small remote community of Watson Lake, Yukon, Brittanee is a member of the Wolf Clan of the Kaska Dena Nation (Liard First Nation). 
Robin Heavens, Water Resources Engineer, Shared Value Solutions
"(My mother) instilled on me from a young age that water is living and traditionally spoken for by women. I have always felt a deep responsibility to protect our water and ancestral lands."
Read more about Robin here
Alison Gamble, Environmental Scientist, Shared Value Solutions
"My parents made sure to teach me the important role that each of us play in caring for the Earth, by demonstrating responsible behaviour and always encouraging me to do my part...Little did I know at the time that all of these experiences and lessons, and the connection to my Métis ancestry, would eventually be such an important part of my career journey." 
Read more about Alison here.
Erin Knight, Chief Executive Officer, Shared Value Solutions
“Life is a journey—and everything along the way is going to teach you something. You don’t need to be perfect, and you don’t need to do it the way that everyone else is.”


Read more about Erin here.






Kaitlin Littlechild, Communications and Marketing Specialist, Shared Value Solutions

Kaitlin Littlechild




“My role is to play a part in ensuring that Indigenous voices are heard authentically, truthfully, and respectfully.”


Read more about Kaitlin here.






Cheyenna Campbell, Lands and Resources Manager, Des Nedhe

Cheyenna cropped-1





"The preservation of culture is the preservation of land."


Read more about Cheyenna here.






Juanita Starr, Director of Sustainable Development, Biigtigong Nishnaabeg First Nation

Juanita cropped



“It’s not just a job. It’s more than a job. It’s home. How do we protect home for the future?”


Read more about Juanita here.







Samantha Noganosh, Lands, Resources and Environment Department Manager, Magnetawan First Nation

Sam cropped



“Each one of us has a footprint that we will leave behind, and I hope that by teaching him (my son) how to care for our earth that he'll leave less of a footprint. I have high hopes for him that conservation will be in his future, or at least in his heart.”


Read more about Sam here.




Jasmine Labelle, Junior Ecologist, Shared Value Solutions

Jasmine cropped



“I think it’s important for women to remain informed about what the existing options are in terms of salaries, stability, and locations.”


Read more about Jasmine here.







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