Eagle Eye: Federal Funding - Indigenous Communities and Climate Change

We've always got our eyes open for shifts in policy and legislation, and the initiatives and funding opportunities that result from them. This funding scan is focused on programs that will support Indigenous communities with research projects,...

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Ontario Fiddles with Indigenous Forestry Rights: Seven Demands

Ontario is proposing major forest management changes for species at risk, and forest carbon management. Indigenous forestry rights are at stake. What are you going to do about it?


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The Climate Change Solutions Deployment Corporation - Indigenous Fit?

Will Ontario's new Climate Change Solutions Deployment Corporation help Indigenous communities?

Ontario created the Ontario Climate Change Solutions Deployment Corporation - CCSDC - on February 17, 2017 through a new regulation under the ...

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Indigenous Commercial Fisheries - the Next Reconciliation Revolution



David Suzuki recently wrote an article titled Reconciliation Requires Recognizing Rights-Based Fishing.  It got us thinking about the range of recent work we've been doing with clients around Indigenous fisheries - everything...

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Anwaatin "We are #StewardshipWarriors" #IndigenousOffsets Infographic



Our Indigenous partner firm, Anwaatin, is busy with innovative climate action.  Anwaatin's new Infographic tells the story of Stewardship Warriors who support... Read More

Anwaatin Comments on Draft Ontario Climate Change Act - Bill 172 

Our partner company, Anwaatin, recently submitted comments to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Regarding the draft of Bill 172 (the "Ontario Climate Change Act", know formally as the Climate Change Mitigation and...

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Call for an Indigenous Knowledge & Climate Change Centre of Excellence

Elders speak of the wolverine as an animal of unparalled strength and cunning for its size, a trickster with great powers of healing and transformation.  Found in remote reaches of the Northern boreal forests and subarctic and alpine tundra...
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