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Two Sets of Moccasins: Bren Little Light

“I have two sets of moccasins. My First Nations moccasins I use when I'm working with industry, to teach them about protocols, traditions, how to approach Chief and Council. With my corporate moccasins, I go into the First Nations communities and...
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Megan Crow Shoe, Consultation Officer

“Where we’ve been and where we come from: it helps us to understand who we are.”

From Piikani Nation’s consultation office to the field, and even to the hockey rink, Megan Crow Shoe brings her love for her community, her family, and the land to all...

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Celebrating International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day! A day where we celebrate women’s achievements in forging a path to a world that is more equitable, inclusive and that recognizes diversity.


At SVS, we encounter inspiring women daily, from our staff to our...

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Jasmine Labelle, Ecologist


Her love of the lands and waters, and passion for the environment, brought her to the field of ecology

Meet Jasmine Labelle: An environmental scientist with Métis and Quebecois heritage. She’s our February #wcw (Women Crush Wednesday), but she is...

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Samantha Noganosh, Lands, Resources & Environment Department Manager


“Working in lands is the foundation of our community”

Meet Samantha Noganosh! She is the Lands, Resources and Environment Department Manager in Magnetawan First Nation, full time mom to son Lennox, and our January #WCW (Women Crush Wednesday!).

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Juanita Starr, Director of Sustainable Development


“It’s not just a job. It’s more than a job. It’s home. How do we protect home for the future?”


Meet Juanita Starr, Director of Sustainable Development at Biigtigong Nishnaabeg First Nation, full time mom to son Tucker, and our November #WCW...

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Cheyenna Campbell, Lands and Resources Manager


“There is no dream too large for Indigenous women.”


Meet Cheyenna Campbell: mother, lawyer, Lands and Resources Manager for English River First Nation, and our #WCW!


Our WCW campaign is named for the women it features. The women we profile are...

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